Questioning oneself

QUESTION: Masters, at 40 yrs of age, I thought I’d found my life purpose. Now I’m spending my salary to pay for a course to become a spiritual worker. People are asking me if I’m saving up enough money for the future. Others tell me that I’m spending too much money on a very expensive course. I start to wonder if I’m really on the right path. Is this my life purpose, or am I unrealistic?                  ~Vivien, Singapore

ANSWER: What do your feelings tell you about your current status? What you think and feel is where your answers lie, not in what other people say or tell you. Society, composed of family, co-workers, friends, associates, thinks it knows more about you than you do yourself. If you wish to allow others to control and direct you, then listen and follow their statements without question.

You came to us because you had doubts. But those doubts are really about the concerns of others. Society says you should have money saved for the future. Okay, so how much? How long are you going to be in human form? Are you never going to get assisted by way of inheritance or have fortune come to you? What if you spend all your time gathering money and the currency fails, or you had decided to return Home when you were just a few years older? All the work saving money would have prevented you from experiencing life. It is important to live in the now!

You felt very strongly that the course you signed up for would lead you to your spiritual path. The fact that it is expensive does not change what it is doing for you. If your desire had been to become a physician, neither you nor your friends would be complaining about the cost of medical school. Getting specialized training is scarce and sometimes costly.

Forget what those around you are saying. Go inside and see what you have learned and how it makes you feel. If it enriches you and makes you feel good, you are on the right path.