Life contract or not?

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know something about life contracts. Lately it feels like I’ve been set up by my life plan to cross paths with this girl who seems to be one of my past-life ex-girlfriends. When I did meet her, it turned out she didn’t want me at all, not even as a friend! Is this a failure of a life contract? That we were supposed to be brought together again in this lifetime yet she just walked away from it? Please shed some insight into this!  ~Ronald, Philippines

ANSWER: While still at Home, a soul makes a series of contracts concerning lessons that it wishes to experience in its coming lifetime. These will allow other souls, mostly soulmates from his closest soul group, to help him to be presented with situations that trigger lessons. Since most of the contracts are with familiar souls, the very essence of them is familiar when you are both on Earth in human form. You will also have occasion to meet souls from your group with whom you have not made contracts for this particular life. Even though you have no contract they will seem very well known to you because you have shared other lifetimes with them.

This soul does have a contract with you and it has to do with rejection. In the past life that you remember, you tried to learn the wisdom of being rejected and not having it impact your life. You were unable to get past the physical emotional reaction of being turned down. It comes along with lessons about self-worth and the ability to love yourself. You look for an indication of your self-worth in how much others love you instead of being able to love yourself for who you are.

All these interrelated lessons come down to your ability to go inside and find who you are as a soul—not who the physical being you see in the mirror is perceived to be by others. When you think of this physical woman, go into your feelings and see what you are feeling about yourself and not just the fact you are being rejected. This will help you with your lesson from the contract.