The Red Planet

QUESTION: Masters, I read about the Planet Hercolubus or the Red Planet, book by R.M. Rabolu about the giant that will collide with the Earth and destroy humanity. I would like to know your teachings in this regard. ~Duda, Brasil

ANSWER: Many “planets” have been predicted to cause the destruction of your planet, but none of them has ever been scientifically proven to exist. In addition to Hercolumbus, which is actually a Brazilian-only invention, consider Zecheria Stichen’s Nibiru, and Nancy Lieder and David Meade’s Planet X, which was predicted to obliterate Earth on September 23, 2012. We believe you are all still around, aren’t you?

Conspiracy and disaster theories are constructed to sell books, attract adherents to philosophies, and increase the negative energy surrounding various people. Everything is energy and energy is everything. Nothing becomes physical until the soul, usually in conjunction with other souls, creates what you want your illusion to include. If you don’t include it in your world, it does not exist within your world.

The various planets we mentioned do not exist within the majority of human realities. If you believe it wholeheartedly, it will exist as a shadow in your reality. But it cannot destroy your world because it has no physicality.

There are enough negative things happening in the world that it is not necessary to accept these imaginary threats to get your heart pumping and stress levels rising. Most of these theories are set to play on the paranoia so present in unsettling times. They also help those who don’t want to be responsible for reckless behavior “because after all, we are going to die soon anyway aren’t we? So let’s just do whatever we want, run the charge cards up, and shirk all our responsibilities.”