The balance of energy

QUESTION: Masters, you have said that Earth is a planet with equal amount of negativity and positivity. If I choose positive things, does negativity increase somewhere else? What does it help to make the world a better place if it isn’t possible in the end? Is the Earth or humankind ascending and how do these relate? ~Hanna, Finland

ANSWER: The planet’s energy is equally divided. Just as you have surmised about your action, the action of others has a similar effect. Say a religious fanatic believes he needs to destroy his enemy; this gathers a ton of negativity to him and his followers, releasing positive energy that you may more easily gather to yourself. Each of you has freedom of choice, and the cycle can start with either energy.

A soul can only make decisions for, and take care of, one person – itself. It is a beautiful dream to be able to share your awareness with others for the purpose of creating a “better” place. Two things intrude: First, “better” is a judgment that exists only in the ego-based, judgmental world, not the spiritually enlightened one. Second, each person (soul) has to make the same decisions based upon their own growth and journey – you can’t influence them or make decisions for them.

What your Earthly expedition entails is creating your ideal illusion while learning about and understanding who you are as a soul. You hope that you find a group of other souls with the same goals in mind, but it may turn into a singular trip just like your soul’s journey.

The Earth is a shared illusion created to provide a classroom for a soul to learn about duality and their powers and abilities through using their freedom of choice within that duality. It doesn’t change, and since it isn’t a soul, it doesn’t need to ascend.

A soul who is having a human existence wishes to be able to re-enter or ascend back to their spiritual abode while still maintaining the physical characteristics that allow them to sense and feel all the wonderful things of which only a body is capable. A soul who is back Home is in unconditional love energy and energetic bliss, with no negative, sad, depressing, etc. thoughts or sensations.

It is the ego-judgmental mind that equates happiness to only the physical world and therefore thinks that only if everyone and everything ascends will there be a utopia. Souls are ascending individually, not as a group, since ascension is dependent on the choices of each person. Sharing the process of awakening with another can assist you in making the choices necessary – but each still must willingly participate.