Is life fatalistic?

QUESTION: Masters I wonder if life is fatalistic, according to the spiritism of Kardec, the book of spirits, after the spirit chooses the kind of proof that will be lived, everything is ready in the smallest details, can no longer modify any detail the chosen and The mind can only choose between interpreting the event in the face of fatalities, accepting that knowing that everything is created by God. ~Beto, BRAZIL

ANSWER: The journey of the soul that proceeds through a series of human lives is not fatalistic. The way the soul learns things and gains wisdom is through exercising their freedom of choice. There would be no choice for anyone in any situation if everything were already determined to the nth degree.  

A person’s reality is created through the beliefs they adopt or accept during any particular lifetime. If your philosophy of life includes the belief that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the life you are living, then that is how things will appear to you.

What can you possibility learn from a situation, or how can you affect a circumstance, if it is all set up for you and you just float along with no involvement? When souls choose the lessons they wish to pursue, it is with the understanding that they will just decide the framework so that they might experiment and see what appeals to them once engaged in the activity.

Souls are pieces of Source energy (or God, if you prefer) and therefore have the same powers and abilities that energy possesses. So, it is true that all is created by what you refer to as God because, in this case, that is you. It also stands to reason that once you make a choice about something, you are not stuck with it but may change your mind or modify the elements.

When you talk about a movement such as that adopted by Kardec, you are speaking of the belief system that worked for him and his followers. You may accept that if you wish, since you create your own reality, but you also get all its limitations.