Mold and mildew

QUESTION: Masters what is the meaning of in-air problems, especially with mold/mildew? Is it possible to get used to mold if one wants, or are mold symptoms different from allergies to which one can inure? It has been said mold is toxic and for that reason cannot be inured, but how this comport with the fact that we create everything, and we can do anything we want? Can one heal and not get symptoms from mold/in-air anymore? ~Ulrika, Finland

ANSWER: The soul does have the ability to create its own reality, including what affects the health of its body covering and what that impact might be. Mold and mildew are fungi that grow in branching formations spreading outward in the form of spores (like seeds), which carry the colony to new locations.

Mold is various types of fungi that grow rather long and produce an odiferous smell. They generally form inside of closed or semi-closed areas that have a high moisture content. They are considered the most toxic when the spores fly. Mildew generally grows on a moist surface area and appears powdery. It has little or no odor.

Just as some human bodies are affected by plant spores and seeds that travel through the air (seasonal allergies), they may be affected by these fungi. The impact of mold varies with the individual but does hit the human physiology with a severe aggressive reaction.

On contact or inside the body, mold spores may merely cause an irritation or they may attempt to propagate and disrupt the body by changing chemical compositions of what they feed upon. They act very much like viruses and bacteria.

Can a soul having a human experience choose to remain immune to the effects of mold and mildew? Yes, it is possible, but you must ask yourself: Why did the soul bring those substances into its life in the first place?

A person who wishes to study situations concerning control issues may bring such a persistent pest into their life to understand the levels of control. Someone exploring awareness may see how fast they become attuned to the presence and eradication of the fungus. Dealing with blame (who allowed it to occur), betrayal (they permitted the situation to deteriorate to full blown infestation), and self-confidence (it has over-whelmed and you can’t do anything about it), can also factor in to possible lessons.