Chemtrails and contrails

QUESTION: Masters, are chemtrails real? That is, are they more than just the normal emissions of a plane? ~Am, Australia

ANSWER: Definitions here are important. Considering a chemtrail as a conspiracy by a large group of people who are poisoning themselves and their children for some nefarious reason is one thing. But it is also a method for the scientific correction, by using a chemical substance, to change the weather for the benefit or all or to improve farmers’ crops. These last two also go by the terms cloud seeding and crop dusting.

Contrails, or condensation trails, are just that: the product of something changing from a gaseous or vapor substance into a solid form. As airplanes ascend, the fuels that they burn in their engines produce byproducts of that combustion. At the higher altitude, where the temperature is lower, these hot substances combine with the water vapor present and become frozen into tiny crystals that form clouds or trails.

The duration of their existence has to do with temperature, humidity, and wind influence. They may last for a considerable period of time, be integrated into existing clouds, or vanish almost immediately. With the newer jet fuels, which have a lesser amount of residual (unburned) fuel, contrails are diminished in number and size.

The substances used to dust crops for insect prevention and growth increase are actually chemicals dispersed by airplanes. These planes are, however, closer to the ground, and the trail they produce settles very rapidly to the Earth. Another use of chemicals is in cloud seeding where climatic conditions have produced droughts. Placing certain chemicals into the air can establish cloud bases that gather moisture and result in rain where it is sorely needed.

There are no chemicals being consciously sprayed into your atmosphere. The statistics that conspiracy theorists use in their rantings are misrepresentations of actual facts, made-up information, or incorrect interpretations of what is seen. Rest easy that no one is trying to poison you from the sky.