Masters connections

QUESTION: Masters could you please clarify if “people” like Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharshi, and those who are “enlightened”. During their teachings, do they receive assistance from the spirits on the Other Side of the veil with messages? Or are just messages from their higher self/consciousness? Could you please explain how this process works when people realized the self and become teachers? Who Neale Donald [Walsch] heard while writing the books, God or the other side of the veil? I’m curious if any of my guides are realized masters? ~Frank, Canada

ANSWER: A master as defined in spirituality is a soul who is having a physical experience and brings with them, or has reached a state of becoming enlightened in, one or more aspects of the physical behavior available to the soul while existing in a physical state which unite them with their true essence as a piece of Source energy.

When they bring the wisdom with them, they reconnect with it through their higher self, or with the assistance of their guides if they planned on needing help. If their enlightenment comes during their awakening to their true identity as a soul, it starts with the search for who and what they are.

Souls are not born enlightened. They generally start with observing what has brought other humans to that state. They explore the philosophies that have been accepted as working to produce understanding in others and begin practicing the same activities to see what influence they have in their own lives. Sometimes a practice will stimulate their own experiences from past lives, and other times it will not trigger a condition of enlightenment; they then move on to what has worked for someone else.

Once a person has moved away from all ego and entered into positive unconditional love, they are ready to exist in the state of Source energy. Their guides and other masters on the Other Side will provide assistance but only when they are asked.

Humans who become teachers have many different sources. Some go through phases where they battle with their egos, and what they proclaim is from their imaginings and not their connection with positive energy alone. Others, after starting their journeys through their practice of other people’s processes, work with the energies from the Other Side to assist as many souls as possible in reestablishing connections to self.

There is no simple answer to your question because for every soul there is a different process based on the choices they make. When it comes to guides who are masters, anyone has access to all the masters simply by asking – you included.