QUESTION: Masters, could you please explain the difference between linear time in 3d dimensional reality and time in 5D? I do not understand “everything happening at once” idea – it seems to contradict the observations that spirits can fly, sing, create artwork, study etc. – all these are processes happening in time…How can any succession or causation exist outside time? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: The most basic difference is that linear time exists in the physical duality of the Earth plane where it reflects measurements, again physical, of the planets revolving around each other, and 5D time is nonphysical, non-definable in terms of physical language. Now, doesn’t that make it even worse? LOL

It is little wonder that a soul constrained by existing in a physical body can’t understand concepts of actions of which it currently has no perception. It is like the idea to you/fact to us that a soul has the ability to be in more than one place at the same instant – something a physical body cannot do but an amorphous energy does easily. Everything a soul has ever done, in any “time” as you call it – past, present, or future, is known and recorded or represented on their akashic record. It is like a disc containing all the works of an actor. It is all there today at once, but you need a physical focus to differentiate one movie from another if you are human. As a spirit, you have an awareness of it all simultaneously.

If you have no knowledge of a foreign language you cannot understand what someone is saying to you, particularly when explaining something you have never observed yourself. Even if you did understand the words, if they defined something to which you were never exposed you would still not be able to comprehend what they mean or what they are describing.

The actions of spirits which you are talking about all have to do with the spirit descending into the arena of the planet, where time controls, and being seen in that venue. Causation needs depth, a positive and negative infusing of linear time to see how one thing impacts another. How is the pinball physically working its way through the playing field? What is it bouncing off of? What is it activating in other areas? As a spirit in a nonphysical environment, things are just as it desires them to be. No causation equals no time needed.