Only duality?

QUESTION: Masters, I have read several times that planet Earth is the only planet in the universe that has duality, I read even here in the answers you have given. But would not it be a waste of space and possibilities? A universe with so many galaxies, with so many planets, would Earth be the only one that allows an experience in duality? Or would it be the only planet in this galaxy? ~Sergio, BRASIL

ANSWER: Ask yourself first: What is the reason for there even being such a thing as a duality? The sole purpose is for a soul to work through the life lessons they have chosen to experience. It provides a type of school or experimental environment for one to constantly keep learning about themselves. Once you have gained all the wisdom that education allows, you are ready to go forth and put that information to use doing something else, like perfecting your understanding.

If you have gone beyond the selection of positive and negative choices, you no longer need to be subjected to the negativity and judgment of a society based on them. You can then enter into an arena where all you do is test the knowledge you have to enjoy the powers and abilities that being a piece of Source energy permits.

All is energy and energy is everything. Nothing is of a physical nature until a soul, having a physical existence, brings it into reality. Planets and galaxies, as your belief system has allowed into your reality, exist only to you and those who share the same beliefs. You believe in their existence because you have allowed yourself to see them.

There are other places than Earth where souls go for experiences, comparable to lifetimes on your planet, but they are not subjected to negativity and a need to make choices in order to exist there. Where do these places “physically” exist? They are wherever the participants wish them to be. They, too, are energetic and become solid only after a number of people create them in their belief systems, and then they come into those groups’ reality.