Afraid of rebirth

QUESTION: Masters, the world is getting worse and especially my country is having more and more religious fundamentalists that treat women like trash. I’m afraid to be reborn and meeting them again, or worse, becoming one of them. What do I do to avoid rebirth? I feel as if I’d rather be in Hell than being reborn amongst these people. ~Kou, Indonesia

ANSWER: Every soul determines for itself when to incarnate into human life and when to remain at Home. You also are the only one who decides where and when you are going to incarnate, what you want to experience during that life, who your family members are, and what you do not want to have occur during that life.

What you think right now has very little, or no, influence on your future since you can only see what faces you at the moment. Back in spirit form, you have the ability to see Earth past, present, and future and to decide if you would like to participate in any particular event or time period. You can reenter sometime in the past history of Earth or in a future time that is totally different from your current life. You can even choose to spend some time on a planet that is not a duality and has no negativity.

Once you get back Home, you will be able to go over what you incarnated for in the first place and whether you had the experiences you sought. You have a council of twelve other souls who help advise you on your further education and discuss what type of continuing lives you could benefit from. But the choice to return is completely yours.