Dealing with negativity

QUESTION: Masters what is the contract between my and my husband’s soul and How can I end that. He is emotionally draining. He drains everyone around him and fills them with his negative vibes and blames us that we filled him with negative vibes. He is very unhappy soul and I have tried my best even took him for meditation course. He was ok for few months then his negative side overpowered him, and he left it in the middle and blamed me for wasting his time and caused business loss. Was he my partner in past lives also? I am tired of his negative and draining side. Everyone around him is scared of him. Me, our children, his sister, nephew, niece anyone that gets attached to him gets emotionally drained. How can I help that situation? ~Noni, Canada

ANSWER: You are not involved in any specific contract. What you are doing is living with the lessons you chose versus those chosen by your husband. How you can deal with them is to learn the reasoning behind yours, and then that will release the influence of your husband’s. There are a number of beliefs you cling to that direct the way you see this situation.

Your husband is a magnet for negative energy. This is partially because he has a discarnate attached to him who thrives on negative energy, and partially because he wanted to deal with negativity in this life. You were drawn into his arena because you wished to see if you could recognize and remove yourself from the influence of negative people and activities.

The only thing that will defeat a negative drain is to combat it with unconditionally loving energy. If you and all the others whom he is affecting have the intention for him to be bombarded with unconditional love, it will be so, and his negativity will be overrun. Do not under any circumstances engage in arguing with him because it enhances his negative energy when he thinks he has you cowering.

Cover yourself with the white light of love and teach all the others to do it as well. Ask your guides to protect you from his energy and to help him give up his dependency on the negativity and his attachment. Be proactive and aware of how you are feeling before you become overwhelmed.

You have not shared any other lives with this soul. You determine what your life is like from here on out. Make the choices that increase your positivity and protect yourself from his negativity – you create your own reality. Whenever you feel drained, consciously pull in universal life-force energy from the Source energy that is all around you and available merely through using your intention for it to replace the voids within you.