QUESTION: Masters could you tell me how karma is formed? Is it by thought or emotion? Or any kind of intent / judgment? Is it really possible to eliminate karma? Is there merit for something spiritual? Could you tell me about my past life and possible karma? ~H., Brazil

ANSWER: Karma is an organized religious doctrine that blends into the reward and punishment facets of judgment. It exists only within the duality of the Earth plane when one believes and accepts that everything needs to be judged, rated, and graded. It is not a spiritual concept because there is no judgment in spirituality.

Everyone creates their own reality, so in order to be certain that karma exists, you must live by the principle that judgment is necessary. Since negativity exists only in a duality, and karma is a form of negative punishment, it can only be present in human existences.

If you want to blame a “karmic act” for something you do not like in your current life, you have to see this as a result of punishment for a former act you performed. If one concludes that the idea of karma involves holding on to negative activities, then you must also conclude that you have to want to hold on to negative energy because the choice of environment is solely yours.

Spiritual awakening is the releasing of all aspects of negativity and living in unconditionally loving energy, free from judgment. Ergo, no room for some punishment to influence your choices. You eliminate karma by not allowing negativity to intrude into your life.

You have had many past lives, and none of them has brought any type of punishment (karma) into your current life. There have been several continuing life lessons you have dragged along with you, but they are all manageable if you really look at them and determine why you chose to learn about them.