Life on planets with no duality

QUESTION: Masters, I have difficulty understanding what is the life like on other planets if Earth is the only place where polarity exists. What other types of experiences are available in places with no polarity? Is there a planet where only “negativity” exists, or only “positivity”? This matter really confuses me, but I think it’s fascinating. ~Lidia, Brazil

ANSWER: The first thing that will help you understand is that the human body is unique to planet Earth. It was constructed to assist the soul with the lessons possible for a machine that exists in a duality and is affected by chemical hormones, emotional distress, and involuntary physical responses to stimuli. These all provide for the choice of going with what is of a negative nature or what is positive, which is the definition of learning life lessons.

On some other environs, the soul never takes a solid form but participates in some activity that is done with thought projection or energetic coupling. Theosophical and philosophical discussions and debates cover many more topics than any human has ever become aware, and there are locations dedicated to each topic. There is no such thing as a life span on many worlds – no need for birth, youth, adulthood, and death. Just come in wherever you want with the knowledge you already possess, and take it where you want.

There are water worlds where the inhabitants resemble Earth’s fish and souls study family units and various ways of teaching and evolving. Crystalline planets have many types. Some souls wish to see how artistically they can create with a crystalline structure. Some play with resonances through many different forms of rock. It is said to be amusing to blend together different types of crystals to construct new hybrids that react differently to the same stimuli.

There are observation points where souls not quite ready to incarnate can watch and see if there is some lesson they desire to experience. It is also possible for them to isolate a series of humans and compare their reactions to the same circumstances.

Communication is an immensely popular study: trying to develop methods of thought conveyance with sounds, energy, colors, constructions, and many other possible tools. It has schools in a physical world, a crystalline world, a water world, a wholly energetic world, and an alternate-reality world.

We have covered only a small number of the combinations that interest souls, but we hope it has given you a way to step out of your “Earth” thinking and imagine the variables possible.