A. J. Miller

QUESTION: Is A. J. Miller the reincarnation of Jesus? Are the teachings he gives correct?    ~James, Australia

ANSWER: The soul commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth, whose cosmic name is Sananda, does not choose to be incarnate upon the Earth again because by remaining at Home he can advise so many souls simultaneously. Incarnation restricts the number of contacts possible at any one time. That said, he does communicate with tens of thousands of incarnates (human beings) on a personal basis at any given time.

There are times when Mr. Miller hears the words of Jesus; however, he tends to  filter the words to suit his own needs. He takes information coming through and fits it into his interpretation of the biblical representation of the “hierarchy of God” and the life of the soul who was called Jesus while on Earth.

As with any words and messages allegedly coming through from higher dimensions (these written here included), we encourage that you believe and follow them only if they resonate with you. What will feel right to you at one time may not feel right tomorrow or next week. That is perfectly fine because each day, if you are aware and open, you are learning and growing in understanding. Just as basic addition from elementary school will not assist you with geometry, your wisdom about life changes and allows you to see and understand more complex situations, causing your reality to shift and change.

Mr. Miller is doing a service to society in helping people to question their beliefs and to see if they are serving their current position along their journey. Anyone or anything that prompts a soul to inquire about its purpose is beneficial. Accept what feels right and discard everything else.