Working out the “kinks”

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know why last year when things were aligning like a miracle and I knew for the first time what was my mission I made steps backwards instead of entering in that new frequency that was giving me enlightenment, new place, new job and most of all being with the person I love. Why did I block? I feel I betrayed myself. I feel the universe, God and my father (that passed away) were helping me by pointing the right direction and by opening my heart and the connection with my soul. I feel I waited millions of lives to reach this moment of synchronicity. Why did I choose to be passive and attached to material things, instead of being brave and follow what my soul was saying? Why not even love gave me enough motivation to brake with old patterns? I feel lost. What should I do? ~Gioia, Italy

ANSWER: You have chosen to deal with lessons that constantly make you over-analyze what you are doing. Whenever you start to “feel”, you step back because you don’t have control over your feelings like you do over your thoughts and it scares you. You then stop everything and run it over and over again in your head instead of following your heart and living what is possible.

One of the problems last year was facing too much all at the same time. With each new step you rejoiced in it, and then when the next came along you did not maintain the energy of the prior. You judged what you thought was more important.

Part of spiritual enlightenment is to disconnect from the third-dimensional ego and enter pure, loving evaluation. In order to do this, you have to release all societal judgment, which is controlled by the ego. No longer grade, rate, and judge everything in your life. Nothing is better than, worse than, more important than, or inferior to anything else. They are all just part of the experiences of life that provide the fodder for exercising your freedom of choice. Can you learn from them or not? That is the only thing that need concern you.

Material things, including physical love, are not needed on the spiritual journey of a soul, but they do provide lessons with which you may understand your purpose in coming. Use your wisdom to exercise freedom of choice between negative and positive energy, which is the basis of all learning on Earth.

Another of your personal lessons involves self-confidence and self-love. You are more comfortable allowing someone else to make your decisions for you rather than taking responsibility for them. Self-love involves accepting that what is happening to you is by choice – and loving yourself for setting up these lessons.

Don’t shy away from the fears and the doubts. Don’t let them stop you dead in your tracks. Face them and see why you called them to yourself.