Getting what you want

QUESTION: Masters I recently had my dream job pop up. I had experience in the field and did very well in the interview. I believed I would get it, even packed my bags to move but after everything I still didn’t get it, why? I used to believe that asking spirit, believing, and manifesting would work but now I’m just left completely devastated. ~Emma, Australia

ANSWER: You didn’t receive the job because someone more qualified was offered the position. You are not the only one in the universe and therefore cannot predict and demand for yourself alone when others are involved and there are multiple variables at play. It is like deciding you want to win the lottery and there are 100,000 other souls who all have the same desire and are working to create the energy to make them the winner.

Manifestation is a very real power, but it only works if you have control over all the variables in the situation. Having a single expectation, or any expectation, concerning the outcome of an event is limiting and often disastrous, just like this job search.

Say you think that you need a salary of 20,000 dollars and that is what you ask for. Then inflation hits, and you really need 30,000. All your expectations for 20,000, if they are fulfilled, would leave you wanting. It is always best to seek not what you think you absolutely cannot live without, but something better than your belief. Then the universe will provide for your needs.

Spirits and guides cannot make something happen. They are prevented from interfering with the living taking place on Earth. Their purpose is to assist with advice and possible alternatives to your single-minded direction.

Pick yourself up out of your depression and start working on that “perfect” job. Define the minimum of what you want. Then send the energy out to the universe for that or something better. And, be open to all possibilities. If you are thinking only of a specific job, and a hybrid that has much more potential comes along, you will not give it a look. But if you look at everything that gives you an energetic twinge, you will make the right connection. Don’t give up on yourself.