Who makes the ultimate choices?

QUESTION: Masters who or what gets the final decision on human life termination? Many scientific monkey studies have concluded that extreme calorie restriction provides primates and humans with longer, healthier lives. Is this true? Is the healthfulness and length of our human lives dependent on human lifestyle or genetics or human will? Or is it dictated by the soul, higher self, divine self, source? I have known vile individuals who live healthy long lives while many kind and loving individuals meet illness and untimely deaths, not to mention suicides and accidents. Who or what is ultimately in charge of determining our individual health and longevity? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Everything that happens to the soul who has chosen to have a human experience is determined by that soul; no other person or thing has an influence in the final decision. It may appear as if other things influence the time of return, but when you examine the circumstances, you will notice that the events leading up to the transition were the result of decisions made by the soul.

Every person reacts differently to nutrition. It is a matter of fact that opulence has caused a decline in some people’s longevity because of overindulgence. Such decline can be exacerbated by lack of activity. Not just food but the whole lifestyle needs to be viewed before determining causal factors.

As you mentioned, family genetics can have an effect, but most important is the life lessons the soul has chosen. Did they choose to have a long or short stay? What medical or environmental concerns did they wish to experience? Do they place themselves in dangerous situations repeatedly?

You ask about influence from the soul, higher self, and divine self – those are all aspects of the same entity. Source, however, does not have a say in what occurs. What you choose is what you experience. Regardless of any other lesson chosen – such as evilness, illness, or accidents – it is all the will of the soul.

Souls have freedom of choice, which means if they learn a lesson, they may then choose to go in the opposite direction to experience the reverse. You may start out a horrible person to others, learn to love, and then become a philanthropist.

You (as does each individual soul) create your own reality by establishing an illusion that includes all the scenarios to answer all the questions you came to Earth to learn. Have fun while you learn and know you are in the driver’s seat.