Energy in the physical body

QUESTION: Masters Donna Eden writes that we all have a core energy “grid” within us, underneath the chakras that maintains harmonic health within our various energy & physical bodies. She says we also have smaller grids that interweave throughout the energy body connecting to this main grid. She says that many chronic health conditions are related to this core energy grid being broken energetically from trauma and accidents that jolt or separate the energy grid out of alignment. I sense truth. Can you elaborate for me as there is healing possible, according to Donna Eden, through energy healing? ~Lia, USA

ANSWER: As we so frequently say, energy is everything and everything is energy. Vibration, a type of energy, is the nexus between the physical and the nonphysical worlds. Physical impacts and diseases, emotional upsets, and waves such as electrical from outside the body can all unbalance the intricate workings of the human shell and its contents.

Energy, being the basis for all, is also a panacea for all. There is a major energy passage in the body, the pranic tube. It travels through the center of the body, but many more minor paths traverse the rest of the body. Together these form a grid throughout the human that can be used to rid the client of blockages and repair disruptions.

These roadways have been recognized for human centuries. To see a representation of them, and what they influence and connect to, take a look at an acupuncture chart. The Chinese charted points all over the human body with the corresponding parts affected by the insertion of something, in this case a needle, to stimulate the flow of energy. This stimulation unblocks, repairs, and speeds along the flow of energy.

Energy is the life force of the physical body. It doesn’t need anything but the intention of a practitioner, or just a believer, to be used to heal. Life force energy is intelligent and can do no harm. For this reason, no one need fear that they can do something “wrong” when directing it with their intention to re-balance a patient.

Souls have all the same abilities and powers of the Source of which they are a piece. They can heal, they can manifest, and they can create. Donna Eden’s methodology is only one of the established techniques out there that have a following.

The importance is having confidence in yourself. Whether you pursue a certificate in a type of healing or practice, or learn to use energy healing on your own, it is possible to heal with energy.