Apples and oranges

Question: Masters why do you say that the duality – positivity and negativity – of the Earth will never end? If the goal is to perpetuate the negativity here, why do you parade through the sky of the Earth, in forms of lights, and why are you planning with world leaders the disclosure of the existence of benevolent extraterrestrial beings? Is not this a plan to end the Earth’s negativity? ~Daniel, Brazil

ANSWER: The Earth was established as a platform for souls to learn about negativity and the exercise of their freedom of choice. There is absolutely no plan to change that function, ever. Negativity exists only on your planet, and there is no intention to create another Earthlike planet.

We do not interfere with souls having a human experience, therefore your belief that we are doing anything within the confines of the Earth’s reaches is false. We are not conspiring with world leaders or evil cabals with secret information. We do not parade through the visible spectrum of humans with any intention in mind, or for that matter, at all.

Some souls who have spent time on Earth, and chose not to return to be with us here, have intentions of their own to interact with humans. You may be perceiving their energy trails.

There are also some souls who are having lifetimes in other than a human body who have reached out to the Earth to exchange ideas. They are not us. They come from places where negativity does not exist, and it may come as a shock to them when they first encounter negativity.

You are trying to equate apples and oranges, as they say, intermixing the physical world with the nonphysical world. One is a duality and the other consists only of unconditional love. The Earth is the physical, with whatever beliefs a person wants to accept as part of their reality, and the other consists of souls who cannot interfere with what is going on in the physical.