The effects of life lessons

QUESTION: Masters our lovely daughter has ADHD and she has problems especially with mathematics. Other kids don’t play much with her because she is just little different from other girls in her age. My husband and I try to help her and hope she can make the school well. She is so sweet, kind and very sensitive and it hurts her not to have friends. How can we help her better? Why does she have this problem? ~Paula, Switzerland

ANSWER: She chose to see what it would be like to experience this condition. It has to do partly with her self-confidence and self-worth issues chosen as life lessons. It is important that her teachers are aware of the difficulties you have seen. They should be able to help integrate her into the class and cause more interaction between your daughter and the other students.

Your daughter is extremely sensitive, caring, and loving. Help her find some things outside of schoolwork that intrigue and stimulate her. This will provide her with a specialty that varies from those of her classmates and something they will want to have her share with them. Look into different types of artistic endeavors – she is very clever in that regard.

Be careful not to interfere too much with her progress because she can become dependent on your intervention and then will not reach out to accept responsibility for her life. All children go through periods of being uncomfortable outside the sheltering home life. Let her figure out how to communicate better with her peers.

Her study difficulties can be addressed with tutoring. She looks at things in a way that others don’t, and right now it is causing a problem in solving her lessons. One-on-one time with a teacher will bring to light the perception she demonstrates. This is a solvable situation.

Continue to love her and provide the support you have. She has some difficult times before her, but all is not impossible to overcome.