QUESTION: Masters why is there existence? Why is there a source? ~Raul, US

ANSWER: These things exist so that you might be. So that you have the ability to think these questions and to ask someone else about your feelings. Everything that you may perceive is energy, which is like an amorphous, formless cloud with no distinct characteristics visible to the human eye until it is deemed to be of benefit to an understanding of living.

The human body does not have form without entering the stage that your human body knows as planet Earth – the duality created as a classroom for learning. Source, god, the Creator is the point of origin – the beginning of this experiment, this awareness. Source just is. Only it knows how it came into existence.

Without the Source, there is nothingness. The consciousness of the rest of the pieces of soul in the universe all came from the Source. You and everyone else are pieces, or extensions, of the Source. So, you might say everything is Source.

The energy in the universe, Source, wanted to know what it was not. Its essence is unconditionally loving perfection with no negativity or judgment: no rating, grading, or limitations. To truly appreciate that magnificence, it needed to know what it was like to exist without its loving perfection.

To accomplish this feat, it could not subject its entirety to non-perfection because then it would have no untainted perfection remaining. So it broke off pieces of itself that could enter into the void and be used as a comparison for evaluation of what being imperfect looked and felt like.

The existence of souls having human experiences is the culmination of eternal wisdom attainment. Humans have choices, possess delving minds, create worlds to fit their inquiries about possibilities. Existence is the means to gathering the answers to all Source’s questions.