Botanicals for healing

QUESTION: Masters, tell me about the effects of Bach and saint german floral on the body. What do they actually do with the vibration of the four bodies? I have seen reports of people getting rid of chronic pain, diseases of all kinds and even envy. But I would like your point of view on the effects, I started my treatment has a week. ~Maressa, Brazil

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: For centuries healers have used botanicals of one sort or another in their healing practices. The most common categories are herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy, etc. Homeopathy has incorporated these substances to sensitize the human body to assist in the rebalancing of an out of balance (ill or diseased) body.

One of the basic principles behind all these practices is that each illness is specific to the patient and, therefore, everyone must be treated individually. Sometimes it is necessary to moderate an energetic sensation afflicting a person, such as a depression or other personality trait, or to deal with a physical ailment contracted by exposure to a causative agent.

The most important aspect of all medicinal treatment is the thought process of the patient. They must have a faith in the outcome of the ongoing treatment. If they have any doubts that they will be “healed,” they will never reach full health again. Intention is the controlling and driving factor of all vibrational healing.

Accept the possibilities, believe they will occur, and perform the needed activities to the body so that the physical shell may be renewed as the energetic bodies are being reformed.