The “Why” of the universe

QUESTION: Masters, Scientists believe there is not enough matter in the visible universe to exert sufficient gravitational force to keep our galaxies rotating, so they have proposed that the galaxies are made up of 25% dark matter. Scientist have also discovered that the galaxies are accelerating away from each other and further propose that the universe contains 70% ‘dark energy’ which is pushing the galaxies away. Our visible universe of stars and planets is therefore only 5%! Scientists have not discovered any of this dark matter and energy yet. Are these theories correct, can you explain what is really happening? Also, is the big bang theory correct, did source create the universe in a big explosion? ~Arthur, UK

ANSWER: Energy is everything and everything is energy. That includes you and all the souls and Source itself. Once in a human covering, in order to be able to interact with each other, souls reach a mutual agreement as to the nature of the shared illusion that creates their environment. Thus established, some then try to give definition to the creation around them beyond the fact that it is stage dressing. But they are still just energy.

When someone “sees” something, they imprint it on their physical body’s optic nerves and continually go back to it, reinforcing their belief that it exists. They will attempt to share their discovery by getting others to “see” exactly what they do. After a while it becomes accepted that it exists, since so many people have included it within the shared illusion of firmament.

Without the humans’ physical covering and their projected illusions, nothing exists permanently. It is like a gathering of people: nothing is in the room until the participants arrive, and nothing is left once they depart. They take themselves and any accoutrements with them.

You are trying to analyze an imaginary world created by those souls who have chosen to engage in a scientific theory-laden existence. They have “seen” a galaxy with characteristics they cannot explain because no one has been able to visit within this illusion. Since it is their life work and employment, they feel forced to offer possibilities.

Source created potentialities – positive and negative energies that can be used to create whatever is needed for the human shells to learn the lessons they choose to explore. Consider the projection of a movie in two- or three-dimension vision. It is a potential until it becomes the reality visible to all by turning on the projector light and running the film.

Much has and can be created. You have Westworld, the Game of Thrones world, the galaxies of Star Wars, and the lands of Middle-earth – they are all recognized constructs, and there are many people who feel they are as real as your visible universe because they are part of their illusion during this incarnation.