What are Masters?

QUESTION: Masters, what are Masters? ~Raul, USA

ANSWER: It all began with Source, an omnipotent energy who was perfect in every way. Source began to wonder what it was not. What is the opposite of its perfection? It decided to find out. It did not wish to compromise its entire being, so it split off pieces of itself to act as experimenters. These pieces we call souls. They are Source, so they have all the powers and abilities that define Source.

Source created a place where his soul pieces could experience both their positive energy and its negative opposite. At first it was just to see how negativity “felt” – the events were short-lived and centered around one test. Want to feel hate? Bam! Sense it and then return Home. They even were aware of what it was they were going to deal with.

Next came questions: What if you weren’t aware of the negative energy? Could you figure it out and choose to remove yourself from it and return to the unconditional love of your essence? And what if it was more complex – say, all about various types of control instead of just parent and child? So it developed with more and more iterations of gaining knowledge, then understanding, and finally wisdom.

Some souls chose to investigate many different characteristics for general knowledge. A few wanted an in-depth experience, so they returned repeatedly, varying the aspects of their chosen lesson until they had “mastered” every possible feature of one characteristic, such as betrayal.

Upon achieving complete wisdom concerning a facet of negativity, these Masters became advisors for all the other souls who wished to have a taste of their specialty. A soul going to Earth will inquire of a Master what it needs to set up in order to learn this or that about, say, abuse.

A soul, who has had thousands of incarnations may be a Master in more than one field; it just depends on their interest and how much work they want to do. Those souls are still merely a piece of Source and are no more important or revered than any other.