Having faith and taking responsibility

QUESTION: Masters, I was raised in a hostile environment of hatred, disrespect, lack of love, and lack of moral values. I try to rebuild my life from the distance away from these relatives to preserve my sanity and at least trust in life. But, time after time, these relatives cast me spells so that I give up on my dreams, or that everything goes wrong in my life and finally return to them, humiliated. Masters, what do I need to do to get rid of them and what do I need to learn? ~Yvi, Brazil

ANSWER: You are not returning because of spells cast upon you by anyone but because you have little faith in your own abilities to make decisions. Any time that things don’t go the way you think they should, you put your tail between your legs, like a beaten puppy, and return to a place that is predictable to you. It is called a comfort zone. Although you don’t like what happens there, at least you know the extent of the displeasure to which you will be subjected.

When you return, you play into their manipulation of your life. You cannot be in their presence without being surrounded by their negative characteristics. They are not even attempting to understand why they feel the way they do, and everything is as they choose. They do not know that there is another aspect of life, which is unconditional love and spiritual growth.

Souls create their own reality by the belief systems on which they choose to structure their lives. Since your relatives are on the opposite side of the duality from what you seek, you have to decide what you want your life to be or just accept that you are going to be under their control.

You are a piece of Source energy and, as such, have all the powers and abilities of Source. But until you accept that as a truth, you will continue to feel as you do right now. First accept it as a possibility. Then believe it can be used by you to change your environment. Visualize what you desire and then know you have the ability to manifest and create that vision. Then start acting to put it all into play.

Put your fears and doubts aside and step up to take the responsibility of your decisions. This is your life – not an extension of your relatives’ life. Make it so.