Are messages from beyond real?

QUESTION: Masters is it possible for other people (mediums, self-declared clairvoyants) to bring true messages to people from their deceased loved ones or is it only wishful thinking and longing? Some say that when a soul has left for the light, it wishes not to have contact to this realm. ~Kanerva, Finland

ANSWER: Souls are able to communicate through the “veil” from the nonphysical state to the physical state. Because they have differing degrees of energy, their ability to get their message across is based on their experience with doing so. That is the reason that some communications have a high degree of clarity and others come with a “fuzziness” like static on a radio.

The effectiveness of the radio receiver, in this case a human who has psychic abilities, also varies based on a few factors. The first – and generally the biggest hurdle – is interference from the degree of ego the medium inserts into the reading. The only way to achieve clear, unimpeded reception is to have a completely clear mind with absolutely no negativity or personal interest in what is being received. The person must not try to interpret what is coming through but must deliver it exactly as it is given to them.

The second is the level to which the medium has risen in their spiritual growth. A person who is still living in a state of continual judgment has difficulty reaching into the unconditional loving energy of Home. The less their negativity and the more their embracing of unconditional love, the stronger is their connection and the purer their “hearing” from the Other Side.

An important third factor involves the protections that the medium employs to prevent Earth-bound discarnates from masquerading as loved ones. Under the right conditions, true messages are not wishful thinking.

What a soul desires once they have left the duality of Earth is not to return unless and until they make the decision to do so, but that does not mean they wish to sever all contact with the humans they left behind. As long as they can reside in the unconditional love and not have to deal with any negativity, they have no problem delivering their thoughts back to Earth.

If the person was close to you, or even someone you never met in body who reaches out to you, rely upon your sensitivity to the energy coming through. Does it resonate with you? Does it convey love and nothing else? How does it make you feel?