Switching dimensions

QUESTION: Masters when the planet ascends from 3rd to 5th Dimension, where do souls go who decide to remain in 3rd Dimension? Do they die and reincarnate on another planet? ~Eduardo, Brasil

ANSWER: While the planet is a living breathing thing, it does not have a soul. Only souls may ascend from one dimension to another based upon their progress toward enlightenment and reconnection to their essence, which is the unconditional love originating from Source.

Each soul is on its own journey, and its progress is not dependent upon anyone other than itself. The only planet with negativity, which provides the duality within which souls can learn about freedom of choice, is your planet Earth. This also makes it the only place where a third dimension exists, since negativity is needed for learning to make the choices that develop into enlightenment.

The talk about the entire planet ascending is a delightful fantasy engaged in by all those who “have the answer” to achieving such an event and want you to follow their ideology and their rules and regulations for attaining ascension.

Ascension occurs when a soul releases all attachment to negativity and connects solely with unconditional love. Since the planet was constructed with an equal amount of both negative and positive energy, those souls releasing their dependence on negative energy free that amount up to be absorbed by souls experiencing a negative life who are sharing the planet with them at that time. The entire planet cannot release the fifty percent of negative energy that it contains.