Is there a correct/right religion?

QUESTION: Masters is there a correct/right religion? I’m a converted Muslim, but my family hates it. Am I wrong for following the Islamic teachings? What is the meaning of me feeling close to a culture so different from mine? Does it have to do with my past lives? ~Kamila, Brazil

ANSWER: Organized religions create belief systems by which their participants choose to model their lives. Various social, sports, and theatrical associations provide other forms of belief systems for the individual. Races and nationalities also provide beliefs that people follow. From all the possibilities, each person decides what pieces of each available set of rules and regulations they wish to incorporate into their own reality.

All organized groups motivate their devotees to behave exactly as the group rules dictate. All choices are removed from the members, and with them, the responsibility for the consequences of what they do because they follow the rules and don’t make any decisions themselves.

Don’t get us wrong: there is a benefit to following the directions of others – if, and when, what you are asked to do resonates within you and feels like what will allow you to thrive. For every person, the answer to your question can be different. What tenets of what groups will help you learn about yourself and grow in awareness of who and what you are? If you do not feel like you are understanding life better, then move on to another group.

It is difficult within your family because their belief systems tell them that Islamic teachings are wrong and that you are being led into a dangerous way of life. Everyone has freedom of choice, and you must accept that their beliefs, being contrary to yours, will continue to cause discord.

Your interests have nothing to do with a past life. You find a comfort in the teachings right now and in the other participants. Create this as your reality and need until it no longer feels comfortable. With religion as with employment, interests, or companions, be truthful to yourself and remain connected until it is uncomfortable – then do not hesitate to change to something else.

There is no right or correct anything that applies to all people. Each is responsible for their own choices if they accept they have choices and don’t just blindly follow their family.