Why can’t I be happy?

QUESTION: Masters why do I never feel happy /complete with things in my life such as work, love life? It’s like I don’t know how to be happy. I also rarely connect with other people so sometimes I feel sad about it. What could be the reason behind this? ~Lisandra, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Various life lessons that you chose before coming to Earth are helping you create your illusion of life. Each soul establishes its own reality by deciding what traits and beliefs it wishes to use to shape and interpret that reality. You look at your world through the tinted glasses of your chosen belief systems.

Everyone decides how they want to interpret their surroundings. If it is raining, you can be sad that it is not sunny and bright, or you can rejoice that there will be moisture to make plants grow and clear pollutants from the air. The choice is yours. The perspective is of your making. You do this with everything in your life.

Whether your choices shift to the negative or positive depends on your ability to love yourself. Loving oneself is as simple as accepting that the life you have chosen is for learning more about yourself and gaining knowledge to make your life more bountiful. If you can understand that every action presents potential wisdom, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. Rejoice in your success even if it is not what is happening with those around you.

It is when you question everything and see all as negative that happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment cannot exist. Whenever you accept that you are unhappy or lonely, that is exactly what you experience. If you accept that you can be happy, that is the first step to seeing your life as happy.

Right now, you fear that people will criticize or not like you, so you shy away from contact with them. Know that you are a wonderful person with whom others would love to spend time, and you will draw people to you. Create the world you desire. If things look negative, shoo them away and bring in positive loving energy.