Why work so hard?

QUESTION: Masters is there any point in striving for enlightenment and ‘raising the vibration’ of the world and everyone in it? Sometimes I feel like I am seeing things from the wrong perspective. In a prior message you wrote that there will never be a golden age because that is not the point of Earth. It is 50/50 positive and negative and always will be. Does this mean just to relax, enjoy my life and stop trying to ‘perfect myself’ and somehow try to ‘save the world’ or drastically improve it? ~Sara, United States

ANSWER: When we were asked about a “golden age for planet Earth,” we responded that it will never occur because of the perpetual balance of negative and positive energies. That does not mean that individuals may not experience their own “golden age,” because that is what becoming enlightened and aware of their true essence allows them.

Recognizing and accepting one’s own powers and abilities, which spring from the Source energy of which they are composed, places a soul in a state of unconditional love, perfection, and bliss. If you do not desire to be able to reach such a place in this lifetime, then stop your search for a connection to the vibration of unconditional love.

What is confusing your journey is the need and desire to bring others along with you – to raise the whole planet along with yourself. It is impossible to cause another to do anything they do not wish to do or to go anywhere they do not wish to go.

Each soul’s journey is a singular voyage for their own education. Society confuses things by talking about service to others or bringing the whole planet along on one’s journey of spiritual growth. You have no such obligation as it would never work anyway.

The most you can do to change other people’s direction is to give them examples of how it has worked for you and what the accomplishment feels like. This will give them a desire to attempt their own elevation, if they are so inclined.

Nothing is right or wrong in a spiritual sense. What you choose to do is completely within your freedom of choice; there are no requirements to do anything you don’t want. Live, love, work, play, or sit and watch – the future is up to you.