Consciousness and the ego

QUESTION: Masters, how to reconcile an expanded state of consciousness with the Ego? Are they conflicting? How to harmonize the interests of a high state of consciousness with the immediate interests of an Ego in the third dimension? Is it possible for the Ego to understand Unity? Is it possible for an incarnate soul devoid of Ego? ~Marcos, Brazil

ANSWER: If by consciousness you refer to the spiritual aspects of becoming more aware of who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities that means you possess, then yes, there is a conflict with the ego. The ego is a physical, third-dimensional state where everything is rated, graded, and judged.

Judgment can only occur in the presence of negativity, so a determination can be made that something is better than, greater than, more correct than something else. You are required to have a duality to have opposites, or to determine something is less than perfection, which is the state of unconditionally loving awareness.

To reach enlightenment, or an expanded state of consciousness, one must have moved away from dependence on the ego. Evaluations concerning how much can be learned from a situation replace judging its status.

Ego cannot understand unity because of its sameness. Without a form of grading, ego fails to see anything of value. It cannot comprehend that everything has the same importance and significance with no differences whatsoever.

Incarnate souls who have worked to understand the lessons they chose for that lifetime, and have mastered the wisdom, can remain physically on Earth but rise above the need for ego and judgment. They live in a state of bliss, using their essential powers as souls to continue experiencing physicality.

Clinging to ego is a choice made by each soul who is having a human-life experience. All souls have freedom of choice, and the degree to which they adhere to third-dimensional negative characteristics determines how far they have progressed in their appointed intention to remember who they are as a piece of Source energy.