Am I lost in space?

QUESTION: Masters, what is happening? There is only space, silence, presence… I am only here, I cannot see my mind anymore. I cannot feel or see fear or doubts even past and future, it’s seems they have disappeared. It’s like a flow that I don’t have any words to explain it. I feel empty and with no words or desires. Only here like: Only being. It seems that I have no words to ask this question differently or even to ask. ~Franc, Canada

ANSWER: You find yourself in what we call the enlightened fourth dimension. It can be unnerving at first because all the signposts have been removed and your direction is up to you. Your mind is a product of judgments made by the ego, and once the ego has been set free, intention drives all. There are no remaining judgments to act as directives. All responsibility has shifted to you.

You are physical, yet you have shed your physically restrictive ego judgment. Having no fears or doubts means that you have completed, or stepped away from, the lessons you chose to address in this lifetime. You are connecting with your essential self, or soul, and everything that happens to you is the product of your intention.

To orient yourself, step back, close your eyes, and “feel” who and what you are. The choice to feel physical emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement is at your discretion. Without choosing a direction, you feel like a rudderless ship floundering on the ocean.

Connect with your inner self and use the power that is within to restart your engines for more physical experiences, if you wish. The choice is yours.