Souls switching bodies

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been also wondering if two souls can switch places between two human beings? Like… If there was someone named “Emma” and someone named “Harry”, could suddenly Emma have Harry’s soul and Harry Emma’s? If so, why? And if not, why? ~Siiri, Finland

ANSWER: Souls plan very carefully for their entry into a human physical body. They set up all the parameters of what they wish to experience, and they cover every aspect of the projected journey by choice. Why, after going to all that difficulty, would they just leave that body and hop into a new one that is experiencing a life about which they have chosen nothing?

Souls have total freedom of choice, so that is not to say that a body switch could not occur, but it would defeat the purpose of all the pre-planning before incarnation. If Emma sees Harry doing something that fascinates her, and she wants to try it, all she has to do is make a record of the factors and incorporate it into her next existence.

If Emma is impatient and wants to have the experience right now, she could try to talk Harry into vacating his body and life so that she might take it over. But what if Harry is in the middle of completing a lesson and doesn’t want to have to start over? He will therefore say “no” and Emma is out of luck, because she cannot force him out of his body.

What does happen on rare occasions is something called a “walk-in,” in which a soul who does not currently have a body enters another’s body. In that instance, the body is being vacated because the owner is returning Home for some reason, and the body would cease to be animated without a soul.

The “walk-in” becomes that person, with whatever family, profession, and human memories they had gathered. This is normally done because the entering soul is in a hurry and does not want to have to go through gestation, childhood, and schooling but wants to jump right to the spot the original soul has achieved.

This is rare because it doesn’t allow the new soul to design as much of the human experience as the usual process does. It also comes with the first soul’s lessons set in play, and any difficulties they had understanding and completing a lesson would direct a large portion of the new soul’s day. It is like a person who has never played rugby being put in as a player in the championship game.