Meeting indifference

QUESTION: Masters, I am planning to move to another country to spend time in an ashram, leaving behind a man I care for deeply. He on the other hand appears indifferent. Will my moving help change the situation I find myself in regarding him? Are we meant to be together eventually?  ~Birgit, UK

ANSWER: You are fully upon your spiritual journey. The time in the ashram will let you further disconnect from the third-dimensional ego-based society and enter into the energy of self. Attachments that have kept you stuck will no longer have a hold upon you. Use the time wisely to “feel” the unconditional love that is within your heart and a part of your essential being.

The gentleman you are leaving behind is not on a path of spiritual growth. He is very content to live in the world and be entwined in its dramas. He could never be happy within an ashram because he would not give up his identity to be just one of a group. Who he is in his own eyes, and what people think of him, is the most important thing in the world to him. You are entering divergent pathways.

When you first met this gentleman he was more open to all the possibilities in the universe but he has become closed to change. He was a marker along the way for you to evaluate yourself. You have complete freedom of choice to decide if you would ever seek to try to get a union to work, but you have no specific contract with him to learn anything more from or with him.