Can next life only be in the future?

QUESTION: Masters, please, advise me. Can a soul incarnate into a life in the distant past or into a life in the distant future? I understand that time is only relevant here on earth, but I cannot see why a soul would need to incarnate in the past or future. ~David, UK

ANSWER: From a soul perspective there is no past or future; everything exists at the same time. A soul has total freedom to choose what it wishes to experience, and that choice of experience will determine the particular Earth time it chooses.

The major objective for someone might be to experience a joint project with others, such as a natural disaster or societal upheaval. The person may be following up on a series of lessons all concentrated in one area, such as abuse. They may be abuser or abused in different situations. This is to get a feeling for all aspects of the activity in order to “master” the concept. It may involve just them and the people they meet on the planet, or it may be an agreement with another soul or that they desire to enter a family where the action is practiced.

Planetary time varies with the evolution the Earth has seen in its linear journey. If a soul wishes to experience something that only occurred at a certain time on Earth, they would then enter a body during that time. Many people, for example, have wanted to be on the Earth when Jesus lived so that they might feel the intensity of his energy and witness the power and abilities they all possess as souls. For others, particularly if they are interested in military experiences, they may choose to hop from conflict to conflict learning about different weaponry and tactics.

A soul doesn’t have any “need” to do anything – it is just their desire that dictates their movements, and there are no restrictions on what they might be.