QUESTION: Masters I would like to learn more about Reiki from beginning. What is the difference between the universal life force energy and life force energy? Are the symbols real powerful or are they powerful because we just believe that they are powerful? Why Reiki needs to be passed on from masters to students through initiation? Did Master Jesus use Reiki energy to heal people? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: There are only two kinds of energy within the physical realm: positive and negative. The nonphysical universe is composed of only one: Source’s unconditionally loving positive energy. Terminology within the metaphysical community creates more problems than it solves or explains.

In some circles, if you are talking about nonphysical energy from Source, you refer to it as Universal Life Force Energy, and if you are referring to the energy that can affect the human physical body, it is called life force energy. But all energy originates from Source. When it comes to Reiki and other energy-based practices, they all employ the same Universal Life Force or Source energy.

The symbols associated with Reiki are focusing points and, therefore, only as powerful as the practitioner believes. Energy is intention-driven, and therefore your thought process directs the use and effectiveness of the energy. The flow may be started by invoking the symbols or by your intention alone.

The initiations allow a student who has never felt the energy flow before to see what it feels like. If you have never tried to ski before, getting on the skis lets you adjust your mindset, balance, and enthusiasm to move forward. The initiation accomplishes the same thing. Once felt, knowledge of the intensity and direction of the universal life force energy is possible to control.

Any soul who has performed energy balancing on another – i.e., healing – has utilized universal life force energy or unconditional love. Healers have many practices in which they can specialize – Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Quantum Healing, to mention just a few. An additional intention-healing branch is that of the various practices stemming from religion-based faith healing. Each and every one of these owes any success to Source energy.

Healing, balancing, corrective therapy all are dependent on two things: the intention of the practitioner and the faith and confidence of the patient. If either party does not partake with an intention that balance be obtained, nothing will happen. What definitely will not happen from the use of this energy is a worsening of the client’s condition. Reiki cannot do harm, nor can any other process that is life force energy.