Balancing spiritual and physical worlds

QUESTION: Masters, since my awakening, I have been feeling I want to be a speaker/spiritual teacher. I want to help people to know about their soul, life lessons, the energies that they had drawn and how to connect with their soul, powers, and abilities. I also felt that one of my primary lessons was about faith and confidence in my abilities, and to get rid of my ego. Right now, I want to follow this path. Why do I feel this so strongly inside my heart? Currently, I cannot abandon my actual job, because I am in another country and I need the money. At the same time, I have a lot of free time. From your perspective, I want to use my abilities and powers to live full-time such as a “spiritual speaker” to assist others. Could you advise me to know how I can start? ~San, Canada

ANSWER: You have entered into an enlightened path, which, first and foremost, means getting rid of the ego judgment of the third dimension and living in the unconditional love of Source energy. You have further recognized two of your lessons: self-confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities. Helping others to reach this same position is something you had thought you might enjoy doing when you reached this point, and it is your higher self that is reminding you of this and being a little insistent that you start working in that direction.

There are many ways you can become a spiritual teacher. It does not have to be a full-time job at first, nor does it have to encompass a large number of people. You can share your knowledge and wisdom with others on their path informally and in small group situations such as parties, volunteering, and hobby or church groups. You may also produce small pamphlets in which you explain spiritual principles.

Once you are successful on a small scale, the possibility to move to larger groups and full-time status will be there. Be patient and practice teaching techniques on all those available. Don’t follow any plan you have seen work for another; invent your own. Let the world see how spirituality has enriched your life, and they will desire to match your love.