Anger controlling my life

QUESTION: Masters, I’m writing you because of anger problems. Lately I’ve been thinking that me and my husband might both be bipolar. You said he was my soulmate, so I do not understand how is it possible that we argue literally every day. I was not like that, sometimes I feel like I’m being possessed from an evil spirit. I want my anger to go away, I want to be the sweet and caring “submissive” wife but unfortunately, I’m not. He irritates me a lot, and so does our baby daughter. Since her birth I no longer feel sexually attracted to him, I love him but I’m no longer in love. I want to change this situation, I’m tired of scream and shout at them. please help me understand what’s going on. ~Miamite, France

ANSWER: Being someone’s soulmate doesn’t guarantee bliss and happiness. It merely refers to the fact that you came into existence at about the same time. A soul frequently will ask a soulmate to be their biggest supporter or hugest antagonist so they may accomplish the lessons they wished, since they know them well enough to know they will be steadfast in the activity.

You are letting a lot of negativity creep into your life. Anger thrives in negative energy and draws even more to itself. When you sense anger or any negative emotion starting to take over your mood, remember the happiest time in your life and banish that bad feeling, replacing it with a loving one.

Your desire to be “submissive” is confusing your conscious mind. You do not like being controlled by anyone or anything, but submission guarantees that will occur. If you really mean that you wish to be a “good” wife by society standards, that means only that you both share in the relationship – sometimes you giving in to your husband and sometimes he doing the same for you.

This is your journey, not one where you play follow the leader. Decide how you want this life to look. Each soul creates their own reality; manifest it the way you desire. You have ultimate freedom of choice if you take it. Behave exactly as is comfortable for you.

Step back from the situation and see that, at the moment, you are overwhelmed with your life. You are so tired that you react instead of understanding an event. Your response of screaming feels good because it is a way to release the tension created by all the input racing toward you. Take some time just for yourself, whether it be a soothing bath, reading a book, or meditating.

Once you return to a more normal self-awareness, you can then determine the status of your “love.” Don’t throw things out in this time of frustration. Talk with your husband about your feelings being buried in negativity and the fact that you need time to find your center to rejuvenate your soul. Bring in as much unconditional love from the universe as you can manage and spread it around to your family.