Negative spirits being pesky

QUESTION: Masters why do lost souls and bad spirits bother me all the time? They come in my dreams and when I wake up I see them leaving. They attached to me before and made my life hell. They sucked all my good energy. I pray and pray for them to find their light then I don’t see them for a while, but then new ones come around again. I am so tired of this crap. I want them away from me for good. I don’t care if they need help. Life is hard without them already. ~Roselia, Canada

ANSWER: When they first made contact with you, you decided that you would help these “poor” souls find their way Home. Unfortunately, what you were dealing with were souls who were remaining in the third dimension because they determined that they had unfinished business – mostly of a negative kind. What you provided for them was nice positive energy to keep moving forward. So they passed the word on and you became a rest stop and supply filling station.

Since they continually sucked energy from you, you were left only with the despair and negative energy they replaced for your positive energy. Some did finally move on because they finished up their business and heard you talk about going Home so much that they did. What you didn’t know was that you had to remove the doormat welcoming others to your world.

Enlist your guides to help set up a barrier around you preventing just any spirit from entering. Instead of praying to an outside source, understand that you have the power to control this situation. Your personal intention is the door key: don’t want company? Then lock the door.

Don’t think that all spirits are just lost – some intentionally want to stick around and suck energy from you. Just get out of the business of trying to assist wayward souls and your life will change for the better. If you still have a need to be of assistance, send unconditional love to all those who haven’t been able to find their way Home that they may understand the way Home.