I hate school

QUESTION: Masters for some reason I hate my college. I just don’t like going or getting involved in any activities related to it. I have been deliberately trying to find positives and convincing myself to like it, but it feels like I am lying to myself. There is lot of hatred even for some of the teachers and people around me many actions done there don’t make sense. It just feels like a hurdle in whatever I want to do (which I am doing more and more of now). Also, I have a fear when I talk to people older than me. What is the reason for this? How to solve these problems? ~S., India

ANSWER: Let’s face it – you are rebelling against the wishes of your family who believe this school is the thing you need to do to be successful in life. The problem is that you have absolutely no interest in the program. You need to sit down and talk to your parents about this. They do not realize the stress this situation is placing you in and the extent of your discomfort.

You are also a loner right now – you are happiest when you are all by yourself and doing what you wish. The teachers and elders that you fear have to do with the fear you also harbor for your parents and other relatives. If you can sense why this fright emerges, you will be able to work your way through it.

Part of this fear originates from a lack of confidence in yourself and your decision-making process. You have always been the “dutiful” little child who didn’t question the dictates of others, and now you are faced with the results of being directed by them. Fellow students irritate you because they are where they want to be and are enjoying this experience that you find so onerous.

You need to figure out what a fantastic person you are and that you have freedom of choice to travel through life. Realize the power and abilities you have inside from your essence of Source energy. You are the same as every other soul having a human experience and need to love yourself for the fact that you are living it every day. Find your voice and power and let others know who you truly are.