Reviewing choice = life lesson

QUESTION: Masters I’m writing for advice for my friend and would like to know what her lessons in this life are so that I may give her some guidance and help her through this traumatic time. I am very aware of who we are and she is always having experiences of a spiritual kind. She is having a terrible time with her ex-partner who is stalking her and basically ruining her life. It’s like something out of a TV drama. She’s gone from a very strong lady to feeling her life is crumbling. Before this partner she also had a bad experience with her previous partner who was a conman. We joke about her attracting these kinds of people. Did she have a contract with both these people and is it a balance of karma from a previous life or what is her lesson theme so that she may help break this pattern of choosing the wrong man. ~Jo, UK

ANSWER: A soul comes to Earth to work through the lessons they have chosen; if we tell you what those lessons are, you will not do the work necessary to discover them and therefore not learn. We can tell you that those things which bring fear and doubts into a life are lessons – so you already are aware of several of these. These are not the result of agreements between the parties but the universe answering her desire to work through these events as lessons.

Loving oneself always helps with working through daily difficulties. Everyone’s primary lesson is to accept who they actually are as a piece of Source with all the powers and abilities that contains. When one deals with the same type of difficulty over and over, they didn’t understand the reason it was present the first or second time.

Your friend is so desperate to be loved that she shapes her behavior to match what she thinks the suitor is looking for. In the beginning, any problems in the relationship she attributes to herself and not being what the man desires. She never speaks or acts her truth. This is giving all her power over to the partner and allowing them to think that they have control over her, which has resulted in his assuming she wants him to continue to control the situation.

Her loss of confidence has to do with her still blaming herself for his actions. If she reexamines who she is, allows her innate powers to come forward, and starts to trust her intuition more, life will be totally different.