Tarot readings

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who reads tarot professionally. Every time we have a session, she tells me that my husband is a too weak man to match my Divine Feminine. I love him dearly and we have a good and supporting relationship. What is it that she sees that I do not? She does not give me much explanation and I am confused. Please help me understand. ~Lilia, Brazil

ANSWER: Your friend is conflicted when it comes to your husband. She respects you and the degree of enlightenment you have obtained and feels your husband is holding you back from moving further and faster ahead. The problem is that she really does not know your husband that well and senses that you would listen to his advice over hers, and she doesn’t like that fact.

Your friend has never tried to discuss spiritual matters with your husband so she does not know how aware he is. There is also somewhat of a personality conflict between the two of them, with you as the prize they pull back and forth. She is projecting her prejudices into her readings.

The relationship you have with your husband is honest, loving, and filled with integrity. You should rely on your own feelings when it comes to your marriage; she does not spend the time with him – you do.

Tarot or other divination style readings have several different aspects. First there is the information that comes through from the Other Side, and then there is the interpretation supplied by the reader. Data does not come through unequivocally with only a single meaning. It is rendered in potentials, with the final explanation given by the reader from her experience. Unfortunately, those explanations are subject to personal biases.

Your friend is not even aware of the fact that she in unable to be impartial when it comes to your husband. That is why she has failed to give you any substantial reasons for the conclusions she is trying to sell you. When she reads for you concerning anything else, other than your married life, she is extremely accurate. She is just unable to do so when your husband is involved.