What energy, where?

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your earlier response regarding my enquiry about our duality. It would seem to be the case that humans have visited other planets and other intelligences. When they do so, do they take the duality with them? Or does it temporarily leave them? And similarly, when aliens visit us do they become effected by our duality and start to act more like humans? ~Steven, UK

ANSWER:  A difficulty in understanding the possibilities for a soul’s experiences arises from thinking about humanhood as being the essence of who and what you are. The species homo sapiens is a uniform or designation that souls use only when they come to Earth to work on their chosen life lessons. During that time, they exist in the duality that necessitates the use of freedom of choice. When not being engaged in such endeavors, the soul is merely its unconditionally loving self in whatever form it chooses to inhabit.

You are not a human but an energetic soul. When visiting a location other than Earth, which is the only duality, you (as a soul) conform to the energetic level of that place. For instance, if you wished to visit a planet composed completely of water, you would inhabit the body of one of the life forms that flourish there. In some locales, you would not even assume a body covering because everything takes place energetically.

Many aliens who have occasion to visit Earth do so for the purpose of observation and not interaction. They may not even be capable of feeling the negative energy in which the humans are functioning because they do not have ego-based judgment at their core level. The existence of souls – when not incarnated as humans – is not to battle through life lessons but just to have a particular variety of experience.

If a soul, after being human, chooses another life form, it will not have a sense of duality while not on Earth. If an Earth person goes into space and spends time on another planet, they take their duality with them – unless they have become enlightened and shed all negativity, existing in unconditional love.

A soul makes its decisions about gaining knowledge by its own desires for understanding: Don’t know anything about that? Then let’s try it. Oh, how about that? I’m on it.

Humanhood is very restrictive because the duality has a stranglehold on the consciousness of the soul within. Consider all the possibilities that even tickle your imagination and you have still not begun to touch the limits of potential reality.