The role of soul mates

QUESTION: Masters, me and my ex broke up 2 years ago. I was told by a psychic that he was going to leave me, but she also told me that we were soulmates and that he was going to come back. I’m now with someone else whom I love dearly, I feel spiritually connected, we have a beautiful baby girl and I don’t intend to leave him ever. My ex won’t leave me alone, he keeps texting from time to time asking to get back together. I feel apathetic towards him, and completely in love with my husband. How does faith works? What if the psychic is right? I love my husband, and I feel way more connected to him, than I ever felt to my ex. What role do they play in my life? ~Miamite, France

ANSWER: Soul mate is the term that signifies the souls who were broken off from Source at or near the time that you were. Your soul group includes the 72 or so immediately before you and the 72 or so immediately after you. As you can surmise from this total of 144, the mere fact that they are soul mates is not determinative of their significance within a particular life. Yes, you do recognize the energy pattern of these individuals and may have planned to spend your life with them – or maybe just to meet them and then move on.

Frequently a soul mate has agreed to help you with a lesson you wished to learn, such as sharing a romantic love with them. Learning about discernment, regarding your own feelings, and the aspects of someone trying to control you also may be factors.

From this soul mate, you have understood that his path in this life is not something you wish to share. Your husband has taught you how a true communicative sharing relationship brightens and enhances this physical existence.

You have no obligation to your ex. He did not understand the dysfunctional match you endured. He only feels your happiness at this time and wants to become a part of it. Block his phone from contacting yours.

A psychic completely connected to spirit can tell you only what each person’s plans  are at the time of the reading. When you got the reading, you were beginning to respect and honor yourself and knew you had to flee the marriage, so your psychic  saw you leaving. She read the character of your ex and saw that he was manipulative and selfish and would want you back if you ended up balanced without him.

Faith is what you have in yourself when you rely on your intuition and feelings. You know what is right for you because the energy resonates within. The psychic was correct, but she said only that he would come back, not that he would be successful with his desire. Release your anxiety and enjoy your beautiful family.