Balancing body and soul

QUESTION: Masters. I would like to know how to awaken my soul, my cosmic consciousness, because I feel a great wall between my present life, with all the responsibilities, commitments and my true spiritual reality, my true freedom. Sometimes I get confused, divided and feel that there is no definitive way that can completely change my life since from my point of view about everything, even my senses and perceptions about the spiritual world. My relationships with people are usually good, although with my girlfriend is hard, by her way to be, no talking, always hiding your feelings, fighting when she wants to do it. With everything that I exposed, what would be the right to do? What way to follow, concealing that realities? ~Costasant, Brazil

ANSWER: You are a spiritual soul, a nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving essence, who chose to come into the third-dimensional duality where everything is rated, graded, and judged, completely controlled by an ego mind. To unite with your spiritual self, you have to give up the ego and embrace the love. Forego judgment, flee the negative energies, and become a witness for the lessons of others.

Your girlfriend is an example of someone totally involved in existing within her ego. She is constantly fighting all the negative energies around her. She fashions her behavior on the society around her that embraces judgmental negativity. Her vibration (enlightenment) has not even begun, and in her presence, you feel a pulling down into the turmoil of the negative physical world.

It may be difficult to shed all semblances of ego when you are in the human world, but it is a choice that can be made. Since unity with your spiritual self will never be attained in the presence of negativity, upon which the ego thrives, it is imperative to take all negative energies around you, identify them, and seek the positive, loving alternative.

The wall you feel is the negative energy that bars you from positivity. Freeing yourself from third-dimensional negativity allows you to float into the positive cosmic consciousness, joining in the unconditional love. That is the pathway you seek. The choice is yours. It requires work because you first have to recognize the beliefs you have been living by that embrace negative ideals, and then turn toward only positive thoughts and actions.