Human twins

QUESTION: Masters, I’d like to know more about twins in general, and my relationship with my twin now. I have a slight clue about why I have chosen to be a twin in this life, but I’d like some confirmation about that. Are we one soul in two bodies and thus ultimate mirrors to each other? ~Anna, Finland

Answer: When souls decide to come to Earth, they think of all the circumstances from which they desire to learn. They choose their sex, their race, their parents, the environment, and occasionally a twin soul to give them immediate additional input. A contract is entered into between two separate souls that they will share the same womb, at the same time, and use being a part of a multiple birth to enhance their lives.

Twins may have identical intentions for the life, or they may have agreed to be the instigator for contrasting experiences. That way they live one side of an event but also are able to observe the opposite, which their twin is playing out – thus obtaining twice the learning from one situation. One twin may be dominant or they may share decision making.

Twinship is the ultimate experience in sharing, never being alone even when you desire it, always having support and/or criticism at hand, and a platform for the quest for individuality to identify who you truly are as a single person. While you understand each other so well from constant contact, you do get the opportunity to see both sides of an issue.

You and your twin have both been incarnate on many occasions, but this is the first time as a twin. You wished to experience dealing with self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth while living in an aquarium with a matching, but contrasting, picture of yourself. Always being considered as a pair, and not a single, weighs in on how each of these characteristics appear to you.

While being a part of something, you are on your spiritual journey alone. You have freedom of choice whether to consider things as they relate only to you or as they affect the two of you. Twinship is always an interesting choice for a human life.