Why can’t I make friends?

QUESTION: Masters for all my life I never could have a close relationship with almost all members of my family and this makes me sad. Even regarding making new friends I find it difficult most of the time and I always feel jealous when I see that some people have lots of friends and contacts with their families more than me. I have tried very hard to be close with people but I’ve not succeeded even regarding obtaining a lasting relationship. I would like to ask what is wrong with me and if my incapacity is due to any karma? Which are the lessons I should learn with this situation? ~Isabel, UK

ANSWER: You get in your own way by creating expectations of how you desire the other person to react to you. You fear they will not like you; they pick up that energy and think you don’t want them to like you – so they don’t. It is the lack of self-confidence you constantly battle that shapes your relationships.

To have a meaningful relationship one must be open, almost vulnerable, and be willing to share their innermost thoughts and desires. You are a closed book because you think others want to take something from you. You want all relationships to be on your terms; others share, you take.

You have a pattern. When you first meet someone, you behave as you think they would like you to behave. You say things that you do not believe because you want to please them. You judge what you think they are thinking about you – and you always see that as being negative.

All souls are alike. None is any better or worse than any other. You all originate from the energy of Source, which is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-creative, and all-loving. Since you are a piece of that Source, you have the same qualities and abilities. You can use these powers only when you accept that what we have just said is true.

Once you understand this and start to work with it in mind, you will no longer have self-confidence issues. You will not be concerned with what others think or do. You can be true to yourself and open to the contact of others. Inside, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have convinced yourself that you are different. Now accept that you are not.

You see the way others interact and your fear keeps you from going there. That is what makes you jealous and leaves you feeling bad. Connect with your divine inner self and create the type of person to whom others will flock.