Sensitive to negativity

QUESTION: Masters I have had a strong spiritual connection all my life and a super sensitive nature with much love to share. There has also been much trauma in my 74 years. Lately it seems I have become even more sensitive to discarnate entities than I was in the past; at least I’m more aware that negative energies of others are having an impact on me. I live in a place with a high percentage of alcoholics and addicts, and such is also rampant in my own family, including two sons in their forties and fifties. There is such heartbreak for me with my sons, and a very real feeling of abandonment. What is the past life connection, and what can I do to clear and protect myself from the negativity around me? ~Annie, USA

ANSWER: You chose a number of lessons of which you have become completely aware – mainly addictions, abandonment, lack of control, energy intensification (empathy), and self-love issues. You have not particularly worked with any of these issues, with the exception of self-love, in the past.

You chose to come into an arena where you could see addiction first hand and then decide if it was a means for you to alter your life, or if you would just be an observer who would watch and attempt to assist loved ones who did not have your strength to resist.

You have “floated” over this sea of trauma, giving advice, sympathy, and a helping hand where possible. With each person, you have “picked up” on their fears and addictions and tried to mitigate them. This has taught you that no soul has the ability to control the decisions of another unless that person participates in selecting the choices. You have doubled your own heartache by both seeing and feeling the depression in which these people have allowed themselves to engage.

With your sensitivity, you are able to sense that you have been abandoned on your path to spiritual awareness, and that these souls have no desire to take your advice or accompany you on this fantastic journey. This makes you feel as if you have failed, but that is not so. You have remained faithful to yourself and the love you have for the work you have been doing.

It is time to realize that the decisions made by others are not going to change in the near future, if ever. To enrich your life at this point, you need to separate yourself from their negativity. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon them, but just protect yourself from their negativity by surrounding yourself with the unconditional love of your own Source energy.

Congratulate yourself on the fact that you have accomplished the lessons you came to learn, and watch the rest of the action from within a cocoon of love. Project it out to those you have sought to help so that they might find the answers to their own self-love.