Sex and relationships

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve tried to find the lessons in various relationships. It seems as if I’m stuck in a pattern with partners and focusing on their needs, which I thought was a positive thing. I struggle with a lack of a physical relationship. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a real lasting romantic relationship without the physical aspect. Should sex be important in our lives at all in this human experience? Is this attachment to sex an addiction or just desire? ~Erica, US

ANSWER: Society has convinced you that it is your job to focus on the needs of others instead of your own. Souls come to Earth to find out who they are as souls and to understand their powers and abilities as pieces of Source. It is a singular journey, not one requiring a partner. Society has brainwashed all humans into thinking that they need a partner to fulfill themselves during their human existence.

In your case, you do need a romantic relationship to help you find out who you are. You need to be honored and treated as the divine feminine energy of which you are composed, not as a servant to the desires of another. Whether this includes a physical sexual element is to be determined by you and your companion.

Sex is not a necessary part of a romantic relationship. It is, however, something that can only be experienced on Earth while souls have physical bodies. Again, society has indicated that the only purpose for two humans to be together is to have sexual communion and to bring offspring into the world. That is not a spiritual concept or necessity.

Sex is beneficial to the physiological health of the human body. It releases hormones that make the body “sing,” releases mental and physical stressors, and creates a closeness that only this act can bestow. It may be a desire or sometimes an addiction. Mostly it is an intimate sharing uniting two persons. Is sex absolutely necessary? In the spiritual sense, there are no absolutes and nothing is right or wrong. In a physical sense, it is a reward for putting up with physicality.